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Optimizing Throughput in Display and Microelectronics Manufacturing 高效能雷射掃描頭的機械結構設計和控制技術 先進顯示器與微電子製造的產能優化 The Role of Mechanical Design and Control Technology in Laser Scan Heads


● William Yeh / Regional Sales Manager
● Simon Chen / Senior Applications Engineer

About the Webinar

Learn how advancements in laser scan head mechanical design and control technology can improve the productivity and quality of laser cutting processes used in high-volume display manufacturing. More specifically, how higher resolution and dynamic scan heads combined with faster, more powerful servo controls enable flexible machine design for both large and small displays with micrometer-scale precision requirements.  Case studies for real-world laser cutting applications using multi-axis scan heads will be used to demonstrate how these features can dramatically improve part tolerances and improve laser fluence control while improving the cost vs. quality curve for end users.

了解雷射掃描頭機械結構設計和控制技術的進步如何提高顯示器製造產業中雷射切割過程的產能與品質。更具體地說,如何通過更高解析度 (resolution) 和動態掃描頭以及更快、更強力的伺服控制,靈活地實現不同尺寸顯示器的製造並具有微米級 (micrometer-scale) 的精度要求。使用多軸掃描頭的雷射切割應用的實際案例將被用來說明這些特徵如何大大提高零件精度,同時提高客戶的性價比。

Who Should Attend

  • This webinar is designed for engineers and project managers in the display manufacturing industry who are looking to improve the productivity and efficiency of their manufacturing processes. It would be especially beneficial for those who are responsible for designing and implementing cutting processes for high-volume displays such as cell phones and automotive displays. Additionally, those who are interested in learning about the latest advancements in mechanical design and control technology of laser scan heads and their impact on laser cutting processes would also benefit from attending this webinar.
  • 此網路研討會是為顯示器製造行業的工程師和專案經理設計的,希望提高產能及生產效率。對於負責設計和實施量產顯示器的切割過程,如手機和汽車面板的人員尤其有益。此外,對於學習最新的雷射掃描頭機械結構設計和控制技術, 以及其它對雷射切割處理製程有所涉及的人員也有益處。